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Michela has dedicated her career to mastering the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code as they relate to tax-exempt bonds. She has represented issuers, underwriters and borrowers in all manner of borrowings, including advance refundings, commercial paper programs and certificates of participation, among others. She has also successfully represented conduit borrowers and issuers in connection with IRS tax compliance audits and the IRS Voluntary Closing Agreement Program.

Working in the area of taxation, Michela has assisted state and local governmental entities, conduit issuers and borrowers in all areas eligible to receive the benefit of tax-exempt financing under the Code, the State of New York, the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority, the Trustees of Princeton University, the Maine Municipal Bond Bank, the Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation, the Borough of North Slope, Alaska, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Authority, the County of Chesterfield, Virginia, and the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency.

Because of her involvement with the many varied participants in tax-exempt bond financings, Michela has had the fortuity to be involved in some of the most challenging and innovative transactions in the country.

Her work with the National Association of Bond Lawyers and the American Bar Association has afforded Michela opportunities to participate in regulatory initiatives relating to tax-exempt bond financings; most recently, Michela has contributed to projects addressing the safe-harbor management contract rules and P3s.

Practice Areas

  • Public Finance Law
  • Tax Law

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