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James C. Brockmann is a board-certified water law specialist whose practice focuses on water law and related areas of water quality, water rights and utility law.Mr. Brockmann has worked in the Midwest and greater Southwest, with clients ranging from individual states and municipalities, to oil, gas and renewable-energy companies. His experience includes suits involving the apportionment of water from the North Platte River and upstream diversions of the Arkansas River, as well as Alamogordo’s successful application for groundwater appropriation.

Mr. Brockmann is a shareholder in Stein and Brockmann, P.A., where he handles cases that involve the planning, declaration, buying/selling, acquisition/transfer and leasing of water rights; new appropriations; and water development and conservation plans. This has included representation in the adjudication of rights to the Rio Hondo River system and in determining water rights to the Big Horn River system. Mr. Brockmann has carried out extensive due diligence and analyses for state initiatives and the courts, in addition to successfully mediating multiple water rights disputes.Mr. Brockmann also has written and spoken extensively on many New Mexico water rights matters and regularly practices in front of administrative bodies, and state and federal district and appellate courts.

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