7 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Birth Injury Lawyer

Practicing birth injury law requires a high level of finesse on behalf of the attorney. You are essentially pursuing doctors, hospitals, and physicians’ groups along with their team of attorneys to prove that your client or their baby was negligently injured at birth. If it sounds daunting, it is, but the personal and professional rewards..

An Overview of Indecency with a Child Laws in Texas

Indecent liberties with a child is a serious offense in Texas. It can result in a record that can follow you for the rest of your life. Avoid being charged with and found guilty of this crime by knowing how it is defined under Texas state law and the penalties that come if you are..

Understanding the Parole Process in Texas

If you’ve ever spent time behind bars, then you already know just how valuable freedom really is. Even with conditions like probation or rehabilitation programs, getting to live on the outside is a much better alternative than staring at your cell wall all day. Many offenders have an opportunity at freedom during parole hearings, yet..

Here’s What Personal Injury Law Firms Want to See on your Resume

You’ve made the scary decision to take on the financial burden of Law School, putting your professional life on hold for three more years. Now you’re thinking about what comes next. Will you be able to find a job with a great law firm when you graduate? In this article, I’ll outline some of the..

Rookie Mistakes to Avoid in Small Claims Court

Document on a desktop for a Small Claims Court Hearing

One of the most stressful experiences a person can have in their life is a visit to small claims court. There are a number of disputes that can land a person in small claims court and knowing how to handle it can make a big difference in regards to the success that is achieved. Finding..

Illinois Laws Protecting An Accused Individual From Delayed Prosecutions

Lawyer working with documents. Justice and law, attorney, concept. Man signing contract papers

As a general rule, by the time police in Bloomington make an arrest, they have conducted a thorough investigation into the allegations and the circumstances that first brought the criminal matter to their attention. They may have identified witnesses and taken statements from them, obtained evidence proving details of the criminal activity and made a..

Is Cruz Legally Eligible For Presidency? Dual Citizen Debate

If you haven’t heard, things are heating up in American politics. Ted Cruz, a rising star in the Republican party, is making headway. What could put the brakes on him? Donald Trump. Donald Trump, notorious for wealth and excess, is running against Ted Cruz and making waves. Planting the seed that foreign-born Cruz may not..

The Media Not Able To Legally Tell A Lie…Could It Be So?

There are only two things that are certain in this world, death and taxes. The other things that are pretty certain are that you can’t believe everything that you hear or read, especially when it comes to the media. None of us likes to be lied to, but it is just a part of life,..

4 Things to Avoid When Filing a Jackson Personal Injury Case

The entire reason for taking legal action is to attempt to recover your financial losses. In an effort to do so, you must take the time to have a strong case. You should consider your injuries and precisely what happened to determine if you can win your case. It’s also ideal to rely on the..

5 Alternative Legal Careers for Law School Grads

Many law students are looking at today’s economic landscape and thinking that they might be unable to find work as an attorney after passing the bar exam. In fact, an April 2015 report published in the New York Times asserts that approximately 20 percent of law school graduates from 2010 work in positions that don’t require a law..

The A to Z of Choosing the Right Lawyer in Kazakhstan

In the current socio-political scenario it is not uncommon for a resident of Kazakhstan to be summoned by the court at least once in his lifetime. It may seem unnecessary to have the contact number of a prudent lawyer or law firm on speed-dial at the moment. But it can save you a lot of harassment and..

Careless Driving – What is it and How is it Defined?

Accident Car Crash With Bicycle On Road

We’ve all been there. The guy pulls up next to us at the traffic lights in his Dodge Charger, revving and smirking and creeping forward – scaring everybody in the line silly with his antics. Then the lights change and he roars away up the road like and absolute lunatic, music pounding and front end..

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